Created in 2005, Naja Orchestra is an international V.P.F. – Variable Poison Formation  directed by Vitor Joaquim and stands by N:O  The members of N:O are varialble, from different geographical contexts and they all agreed to work under the seven rules of thumb of N:O



  1 - no pre-existence of sound
  2 - do it here and now
  3 - the guest is a guest
  4 - think as a man, act as a naja
  5 - listen, select, do
  6 - bite the guest
  7 - spread the poison

For those uneasy on metaphors, we can put it in a simpler way by saying that N:O is an orchestra of real time sampling. It is a performance combo that walks on stage armed with digital tools and a (maybe not-so-digital) guest which will be the starting point for the entire performance. The guest's sound is captured and processed by all the musicians and therefore, all the sounds making up a performance will be in more ways than one originated by the guest's instrument(s). In fact, N:O plans to bite the guest very seriously!


N a j a   O r c h e s t r a   a t   w o r k ,

 biting Colleen on viola da gamba, music box ... >>> EME Festival, Palmela, Portugal (2006)

(with:  Pedro Tudela, Miguel Carvalhais,  Carlos Zíngaro, Carlos Santos )

photos: Rui Minderico


 biting Gustavo Costa on drums and percussion >>> Passos Manuel. Porto, Portugal  (2006)
(with: Pedro Almeida, Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela )

 photos: Rosi Avelar


biting Ulrich Mitzlaff on cello !  ( SONICSCOPE 2006 )
(with: Pedro Almeida, Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela )

photos: Nuno Moita


biting Stephan Mathieu on piano!!!  (EME 2005)
(with: Carlos Santos, Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela )

 photos: Rosi Avelar