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C O N C E R T S    2 0 0 9

November  15 >>>  + Greg Haines  >>>   Jesus Club at Ostbahnhof. Berlin


photos >

Greg Haines warming up!



The beautifil Belin: perfect harmonization of nature in the city ( or the reverse?)

my delicate host: Lili !



Serra da Arrábida - Setúbal  (from the air all looks great...)

old Lisbon, from the air...

but in land is not so great... (haha)

confusion starts inside the airport ...

and goes outside  (police car waiting for a civil car to stop > poing!)

police men: -Sorry lady, you canot stop here! You need to pay because you have stoped here...

lady: -but there are no place to park, and take the bags"

police men: -sorry lady, that's not with me, not my problem!...

(end of conversation)