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cover: Raul Reis
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pic: Rui Minderico

cover by Rui Grazina

RG39 acrylic sculptures by Rui Grazina                              USB-pen Visacard                                  RG39 acrylic sculptures by Rui Grazina

(from Geography performance)                                                   (from Geography performance)
pic: Rui Minderico                                                                                       pic: Lais Pereira

(Geography)                                                                                                   (Geography)
pic: Rui Minderico                                                                                     pic: Rui Minderico

(Filament)                                                                                                        (Filament)
pic: Hugo Delgado                                                                                         pic: Rodo Lillo

pic: Adriano Ferreira Borges                                                                        pic: Rui Minderico

pic: Patryk Piechocki)low                                                                            pic: Rui Minderico

             HAN live(1985) as Clă                            HAN (Emidio Buchinho, Vitor Joaquim)                   HAN (Emidio Buchinho, Vitor Joaquim)
                                                                          pic: Rui Minderico                                             pic: Rui Minderico  


setup on visuals: upon request