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If you want to know about a possible concert/performance, you may need to consider severall options: with or without visuals, solo or in duo with Joćo Slva on trumpet (albuns: The Construction of Time, Quietude)
Using visuals, I will work with another artists (Hugo Olim, Alba Corral, Lia...) depending on the project asked.

I can do also a freeform concert, in the dark, of any of my albums released after Flow (included).
___ If your option goes for NO VISUALS, let's try to "generate" a relative perception of darkness in the performance area.

my PERSONAL SETUP is, at minimum:

- 1 Laptop + Midi Controllers (+ other devices)
- Small Objects

With Joćo Silva, I will process is trumpet signal via 2 microphones/mixer on stage

SOUND /// I need:
- mixer:
Mackie 1642 VLZ4, Mackie ProFX16v3, Soundcraft Signature 12, or similar, with 2 sends and at least 1 submix, for stage use. From this mix I will send a stereo to the FOH
- 1 x standard scissors adjustable platform 200x100 + chair
- stereo monitoring and good PA system from 20 to 20K
- 46 x ac -220V european, grounded

- the way to proceed with video depends on each piece. Please, get in contact with me to get into more detail. We have I can have options to set ups with 3, 2 or 1 projector according to the production scale.
If possible, we would like to use 2 or 3 projectors, and work with the space for possible configurations: side by side, top on top; juxtaposed...

- hotel, food and transportation.
- fee can be discussed, depending on the context and location.

- Feel free to ask me, Let’s talk. :)

setup on visuals: upon request    ////   contact: v.joaquim.at.gmail.com